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Giving Shelter: Historic Barns of the Eastern Townships


Giving Shelter is a DVD that runs 52 minutes and features numerous Townshippers and Townships locations. Various styles of historic barns are shown in the documentary, including a Dutch barn in St. Armand, seen in the photo above. The DVD also includes a short film that showcases a modern timber-framed barn being raised in Hatley in the fall of 2008.
In a review of Giving Shelter in the June 2009 issue of the Townships Sun, Brenda Hartwell writes: “Giving Shelter breathes life into the interconnectedness of people and animals and shelter. It contains fascinating footage of people working with hand tools in the traditional manner of bygone days. It deftly preserves a way of life that is nearly extinct and offers a historical record of buildings, tools, and agricultural methods. It is also replete with individual stories and personal accounts….


“It will please anyone who has ever spent time on a family farm, anyone interested in rural history, anyone with romantic notions of homesteading. And it will certainly mesmerize all hand tool aficionados.”

Louise Abbott

Hommage to a rural life


A Homage to a rural life.  A DVD that pays homage to rural life in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. It explores the character of the people, the work they do, the pace of their lives, the manner in which they seek to maintain harmony with their surroundings, and their responses to change and the passage of time. These stories express knowledge of family, ancestry, and community: long memories for patterns of weather and the seasons, the joyful and difficult times of the past, the flavour of their speech.

Denis Palmer