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Author: Ross Murray

When Beaverly Modicum publisher Leon Hubaceck dies in his sleep, not only must his widow Mary deal with her grief over an occasionally difficult man but now her strong-willed daughter Ruth and introverted granddaughter have swooped onto the scene and show no signs of leaving. Meanwhile, former mayor Conrad Lemon continues to hatch schemes to put Beaverly on the map, this time by entering “Smileyville,” a contest to find Canada’s Nicest Town. But his ambitions are threatened by the Modicum and an old political nemesis, not to mention distractions on the home front. Caught in the middle of it all is Jemima MacNaught, newspaper-editor-turned-park-manager, who has concerns of her own: unsettling changes at the Modicum, something going on between Ruth and her sometimes-maybe-boyfriend Julian, and now her father has come to town and is spending time with the newly widowed Mary Hubacek… In this follow-up to A Hole in the Ground, Smileyville is a funny, heart-warming story about community, family, love and not having a choice in the matter.

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