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A Hole in the Ground, Ross Murray


It’s 1998, and the Town of Beaverly is home to Canada’s deepest but least exploited sinkhole.
For years, Mayor Conrad Lemon’s efforts to transform it into a tourist attraction have been unsuccessful, as have most of his plans to put Beaverly on the map.

When an emergency thrusts Beaverly in the spotlight, Mayor Lemon is determined to make the most of it… no matter what. At his side (against her will) is Jemima MacNaught, assistant editor of The Beaverly Modicum, who finds herself forced to choose between loyalty to her profession and her town, though she’s not sure she wants to stick with either.

With A Hole in the Ground, longtime Québec humour columnist and broadcaster Ross Murray has written a novel that’s a tribute to small towns, small newspapers and the people who keep them running, through holes and high water.

Don’t Everyone Jump at Once, Columns and other misguided notions


What would you like to know?

The real made-up rules of rugby?

Society’s failure to properly honour the long john?

The power secrets of MEtivation?

How to perform a body scan on the Prime Minister?

What to do when you discover slime in your Gatorade?

Fifty ways to say “I love you”?

Something that rhymes with “borscht”?

Ross Murray has all the answers. If only someone would ask him the questions. All you really need to know is that this collection of observations about the weirdness and wonders of life will leave you laughing and jumping for joy.

Ross Murray